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How much does it cost to live at Cumberland Ridge Cost?

Cumberland Ridge in one of the most affordable assisted living centers in the area. Your suite is available for one monthly rental rate, which covers the cost of practically everything you need. Long Term Care Insurance accepted and Veteran's Assistance resources available. 

What does the monthly rental rate include?

Virtually everything! Your private suite, three meals a day, housekeeping and laundry, 24 hour staff and emergency call system, utilities, home maintenance, scheduled transportation, daily activities, WiFi and Charter TV/cable. Individual land line telephone system is available through Frontier and is an extra cost.

Am I required to sign a contract or lease?

No—your fee is paid on a monthly basis. We ask only that you give us a 30-day notice should you decide to leave. However, if you suddenly require medical assistance and need to relocate due to health reasons, no prior notice from you is required.

Can my family and friends visit whenever they want?

Absolutely! There are no defined visiting hours.This is your home, and your family and friends are always welcome at any time. We also have a private dining available for you and your guests with advance notice..

What about the various aspects of residents’ security?

Each suite is equipped with “emergency call” pull cords so help is just seconds away. The office safe is available for keeping extra "fun" money.  Although staff will be present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the outside entry doors will be locked from mid-evening until early morning. A doorbell will be available for visitors’ use.

Cumberland Ridge is state and city approved for fire safety. Each room is equipped with a sprinkler system. The Tennessee Department of Public Health, Division of Health Provider Services as well as local fire departments routinely inspect us. There is an alarm system on doors to alert staff of any unauthorized entry.

May I come and go as I please?

Yes! For your security, we ask you let us know when you are leaving and your anticipated time of return. If there is an emergency we won't waste valuable time searching for you. The main entry is locked mid-evening, but the door bell will be answered promptly.

Can I bring my personal car?

Yes! Free parking space is provided for our residents who drive their own vehicle.

How will I do my errands if I am no longer able to drive?

Our comfortable multi-passenger van makes weekly trips to the grocery store and other local shopping areas. And when you schedule a local medical or dental appointment, our van can take you and bring you home. Due to limited staffing, we will not be able to stay with you during appointment.

Can I hang pictures or make changes to my suite?

Of course! Your suite should reflect your own personality. At Cumberland Ridge, we encourage you to furnish your suite with your personal furniture and decorative items. However, should you desire it, hassle-free arrangements for rental furniture can be me made for you.

What about my telephone?

Your personal phone service and billing must be arranged with the telephone company on an individual basis.

Can I cook in my suite?

A microwave and refrigerator are provided in each suite for your convenience. However, three daily meals plus snacks are included in your monthly rental fee.

What about my personal laundry?

Personal laundry service is included in your monthly rent. We do not bundle the laundry; it is done per resident.

What if I become ill?

Cumberland Ridge is located approximately 2 miles from Cumberland Medical Center and most local physicians’ offices emergency walk-in clinics.

If you need skilled nursing care from a home health nurse, we can help you arrange for this service through your physician.

If you should need temporary skilled medical services or long-term care, we can help the transition to a nursing home of your choice in coordination with your physician.

Most importantly… if you should need emergency assistance a trained and licensed healthcare specialist is available 7 day a week and 12 hours a day, and because of our health care campus we also have trained and licensed professional available after hours.

What if my physical condition changes and I need more care on a long-term basis?

You would have several choices depending on the type of care you need. If you need additional care on a temporary basis, other than the care that our on-site nurses can give, you can get the service through one of the local certified home health agencies. If you need skilled around-the-clock nursing care, we will assist you in transferring to the nursing home of your choice.

May I smoke in my room?

For everyone’s health and safety, Cumberland Ridge is a smoke free facility. Smoking is only allowed outdoors in designated areas.

What kind of activities are available?

The activities at Cumberland Ridge offer  fellowship, stimulation, parties, exercise programs, picnics, shopping trips, and a whole array of other special events.

What about the food?

If you like home cooking, you will love Cumberland Ridge—homemade cakes and pies, rolls, chicken and dumplings, garden fresh vegetables. Our menu system offers a wide variety of food for you to enjoy. Three balanced meals are provided daily as well as nutritional snacks. Special diets can be accommodated.

May I decorate my own room?

Yes, you may. Hang your pictures and family portraits, bring your favorite blanket, pillow, and comforter, or bring your favorite pieces of furniture. Our rooms are completely unfurnished so you are welcome to surround yourself with the things that have meant so much to you over the years.

What about utility bills?

All utilities are covered by your monthly rent. Only your private telephone charge is extra. Cable/TV is provided

How do you provide for my spiritual needs?

Regularly scheduled devotional times are provided by local churches and many churches will have a church van come by to pick you up for their services.
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